About NAMI Florida

NAMI Florida's Mission is to improve the quality of life of individuals and their families affected by mental illness through education, support and advocacy.

Our vision is that persons with severe and persistent mental illness can recover and lead productive and meaningful lives within their community of choice.

NAMI Florida is the state affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and has its headquarters in Tallahassee, FL. We have 27 affiliates in communities across Florida providing education, advocacy, and support groups for people with mental illnesses and their loved ones. Each affiliate includes family members, friends, professionals, and consumers whose lives have been impacted by mental illness. Affiliates also help members access psychiatric services, treatment, benefits, medication, and housing.

NAMI Florida began as the Advocates for the Mentally Ill in 1984. Three years later, the organization was incorporated under Florida Alliance for the Mentally Ill and received its IRS non-profit tax status in 1989. In 1998, the corporation's name was changed to NAMI Florida, Inc. The organizations includes four divisions that reflect our mission: Education and Training, Information and Referral Services, Consumer Outreach, and Advocacy and  Public Awareness.


NAMI Florida coordinates trainings for teachers and facilitators of NAMI's signature programs, which are Family-to-Family, NAMI Basics, Provider Education, Peer-to-Peer,  NAMI Connection, Parents and Teachers as Allies, and Hearts and Minds. NAMI's programs are written by professionals, and draw on the expertise of family members and consumers living with mental illness. In addition, NAMI Florida hosts conferences and statewide meetings throughout the year.  

Information & Referral

NAMI Florida provides Information and referral services through our telephone line (850-671-4445) and email at NAMI Florida. Hours are 8:30-5:00, Monday–Friday. NAMI Florida maintains a library, publishes a newsletter and family guide, and provides resources on mental health topics.

Advocacy & Public Awareness

NAMI Florida works with state and federal agencies and elected officials to promote recovery and improved treatment for individuals who have a mental illness and their families.  NAMI Florida also works collaboratively with other statewide organizations to achieve a better mental health system for all Florida’s citizens.