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For Affiliate Program Coordinators

The cornerstone of the NAMI organization is its signature support groups, classes, and presentations that reduce the stigma around mental illness and help individuals and families facing mental health challenges. It is NAMI Florida’s goal to empower its statewide affiliates to build capacity for more of these programs to flourish locally.

The NAMI Florida Education Committee reviews and approves all NAMI State Trainer Signature Programs.

Approval Process for Sponsoring Affiliates:

  • Affiliates interested in sponsoring a training should first review NAMI’s 2019 Signature Program Operating Polices to ensure training compliance for their programs, trainers, teachers, facilitators and presenters.  Please note on page 12 that, “All trainings must be reported to NAMI through the online data reporting system [by the state office] six weeks prior to the training.”
  • If your affiliate is interested in sponsoring a signature program, please connect to the linked application form below.
  • Your submission will automatically be forwarded to the members of the Education Committee.  You will be notified by the NAMI Florida Program Director of the approval decision.
  • Trainers for the courses must have completed the national training course and have maintained membership with NAMI National.
  • current list of 2019 certified trainers is maintained by the NAMI Florida office and available to affiliates by sending a request to  This list will be updated as new trainers are added.

The following affiliate sponsored trainings have been approved for 2019
We expect to add to this list as new trainings are approved. If a course is available to outside affiliates, the fee listed is determined by the sponsoring affiliate and usually includes materials and meals.  Affiliates should contact the individuals listed for additional information and to register members for trainings.

Date Signature Program Affiliate Contact Outside Affiliate Fee
Oct 5-6 NAMI Family to Family NAMI Palm Beach County Katherine Murphy

$125 Materials, Breakfast and Lunch
Oct 26-27 NAMI Family Support  Group NAMI Sarasota Colleen Thayer
$125 Materials, Snacks and Lunch for 2 days



Education Update from 2018 NAMI Convention

Compiled by Donna Helsel, NAMI Greater Orlando affiliate, NAMI-Florida Education Committee

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • Manual update schedule is linked here.   Please note the “next review” date is when they will start viewing not the date a new manual will come out – updated manuals usually come out the following year.
  • Some staff/program leader changes at national – see linked “In a Blink”.  However, you can always contact education help desk with any questions –
  • Education Hall of Fame – New Process.  Affiliates need to submit their 2018 Education Hall of Fame inductees through the Nami Store website.  You will see a “Hall of Fame” tab under the Education list.  NAMI will mail pins directly to the recipients.
  • Blended Training – NAMI is moving to a new training format with some of its programs (currently set up for new Ending the Silence and In Our Own Voice presenters) where new presenters complete an online portion of the training before following up within 30 days with a 1-day training at their affiliate.  Affiliate program director recommends individuals through the NAMI Portal, and this generates an email and log in to the individual to complete the online training.  See attached for more information on the new portal.  If you need assistance with any online training issues, please email NAMI staff at
  • Many new resources/toolkits are available on the NAMI website including:

Navigating a Mental Health Crisis: A NAMI Resource Guide for Those Experiencing a Mental Health Emergency –Crisis Guide—provides important, potentially life-saving information for people affected by mental illness.  Available for download at

Five infographic/fact sheets designed to be printed as one pagers for resource tables, health fairs, community presentations, etc. Available for download at

Circle of Care: A Guidebook for Mental Health Caregivers – Available for download at

 Specific Program Notes:

  • Basics – Videos have been released for use in the chapters about brain biology and medications.  The videos, replacement pages for teacher/trainer manuals, and the participant handouts are available for download from the Basics Extranet.  These are the same videos that are being used in the F2F classes.
  • Ending the Silence – New ETS for Parents and one for Staff were rolled out in early spring.  These are replacing the old Parents and Teachers as Allies program.  In addition, all training is now a blended training for new presenters – they must complete an online training and then have an in – person follow up with the current program director.  Current lead presenters must complete the online training for students to be able to move forward with the training for the Parents and/or Staff presentations.  Young Adult portion is the same for all 3 presentations.
  • Family to Family – The long-awaited videos are now available.  These are used in the chapters on brain biology and medications.  All affiliates that have been reporting F2F class data should have received a flash drive with all videos loaded as well as the replacement pages for the teacher/trainer manuals and participant handouts.  Otherwise they are available for download/streaming on the Family to Family extranet.  The course is under review and a full revision and update will be completed some time in 2019.  All trained teachers will receive a new manual no charge from national due to funding from a donor (there will no cost to the affiliates).  Each certified teacher will have to do an online webinar training to be recertified in the new manual.
  • Family and Friends – New 4-hour seminar for individuals wanting to learn more about mental health conditions.  (included is info on diagnoses, treatment, recovery, communication, crisis prep and resources).  It is NOT a replacement for any existing program but is good for those who can’t commit to a multi-week class, as a general community info seminar, and to entice people to want to take a more in-depth class.  Teachers of this seminar is someone who already is a certified Basics, F2F or Homefront teacher and completes and online webinar about this seminar.  The expected roll out is August or September of 2019.  This will be rolled out to affiliates that have completed their reaffiliation.  There is a funding opportunity for affiliates with this program.
  • In Our Own Voice – All new format and videos are available.  Current certified presenters must complete on new update webinar to be certified in the new program.  This is done through the NAMI portal.  All new presenters must do the online training and then complete the 1 day in-person training.  The new videos are available for download/streaming at the NAMI bookstore.
  • Peer to Peer – The new revised 8-week P2P program is now available.  In addition, there are new videos available to be used in these classes as well.  The videos and all supporting documents are available on the P2P extranet.  Existing mentors will need to do an online training for the new program.  This is available through the NAMI portal.  The 2014 version can be used through 2018 to allow you time to get all mentors recertified.  Each mentor will need a new 2018 manual.

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